Reporting Bugs against Zope Packages


This outline needs fleshing out.

Identifying the Project which Has the Bug

  • Look at tracebacks from “bottom up”.
  • Look for recently updated eggs.

Writing the Bug Report

  • Identify version(s) of code which manifest the bug
  • Describe the symptom as clearly as possible.
  • Provide a complete recipe for reproducing the bug.

Useful Patches for the Bug Report

In order of increasing helpfulness:

  • Changes to non-test code which work around the problem
  • Unit tests which fail against the current code
  • Changes to non-test code, which pass against those tests.

Bug Triage and Workflow

  • Assigning bugs
  • Prioritization
    • Bugs with patches jump the queue
  • Semantics of status values
    • ‘wontfix’ vs. ‘incomplete’
  • Bugs affecting more than one project
    • Status may differ.
    • Track bug in the project whose release will resolve it, not in dependent projects (these should be “wontfix”).